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Taimyr is getting ready to meet guests of the Second International Arctic festival “Attraction of Taimyr”

Taimyr is getting ready to meet guests of the Second International Arctic festival “Attraction of Taimyr” 20.11.2014

Taimyr is getting ready to meet guests of the Second International Arctic festival “Attraction of Taimyr”

From 8 to 14 December 2014 in Dudinka, the capital of Taimyr Metropolitan Borough, there will take place the Second International Arctic festival “Attraction of Taimyr”.

The aim of the festival is to save nonmaterial cultural heritage of Taimyr, promotion and development of ethnic culture of the North, Siberia and Far East, development and strengthening cultural ties between peoples of regions of The Russian Federation, native small numbered peoples of the North, Siberia and Far East and the whole world.

Guests and delegates from the countries of the Arctic Council – Norway, Finland, Iceland, Canada and also countries – constant observers of the Arctic Council – non-arctic states the Netherlands and Japan. Besides, artists from Yamal, the Republic of Tyva, Khakassia, Sakha (Yakutia), creative teams from Krasnoyarsk, Moscow and St. Petersburg have declared about their wish to become participants of the festival.

Professional and amateur creative teams, authors and performers, implementing their creative abilities and interests in various spheres of art have been invited to participate in the festival.

Within the framework of the Arctic festival «Attraction of Taimyr» there will be held several meetings of creative teams and participants of the event with the Head of Taimyr Ildar Juraev.

Four great concerts have been included into the programme of the festival. Gala concert «Star Arctic descent group», devoted to the 80th anniversary of Krasnoyarsk krai, where a special project «Visiting card of Taimyr» will be presented, will take place on 11th December. Artists of municipalities such as Dudinka, Khatanga, Karaul and Dixon will tell about geographical peculiarities if the territory, historical events and important dates, about destiny of famous people in their presentations and also they will demonstrate best specimens of art from each municipality of Taimyr. On 12th December there will be held gala concert within the framework of celebrating the 25th anniversary of Association of native small numbered peoples of Taimyr. The concert devoted to the Day of Taimyr, will take place on 13th December. And to end up the great festival marathon – final programme «Arctic – my snowy homeland», will collect guests and participants of the festival.

Besides, concert programmes «Star meetings of the festival» will be held in the cultural and educational institutions of Dudinka and Norilsk.

Guests of the festival will be able to learn about unique culture of native peoples of the North from different countries of the world, to appreciate the work of arts and crafts specialists and bone carving skills, and also to see wonderful paintings of Taimyr artists. Taimyr House of folk art, bone carving workshops from Khatanga, Karaul, Dudinka and Taimyr college, Norwegian and Finnish specialists and also specialists from other regions of the North, Siberia and Far East will show works from their funds. Besides, there will be held master-classes and creative laboratories «Heritage of Arctic».

Children will also take part in the festival. Cultural and educational grounds will be organized for them, where everyone will be able to communicate and to be photographed with the symbols of the Arctic festival – Taimyr bear cub, baby mammoth and fawn. Besides, geographical lessons of peace with participation of festival guests and open classes во всех образовательных учреждениях Дудинки пройдут «Taimyr – heart of Arctic» will be held in all the educational institutions of Dudinka.

During the days of the festival there will be a good opportunity to see an ethnocamp «Path of reindeer track», where raw-hide tents will be put up, everyone will be able to taste national dishes and ride reindeer sleigh. Costume procession of the participants and guests, burning the Fire of friendship among peoples and festival fireworks «Northern lights» will become bright events of the festival.

Under the aegis of the festival in Taimyr regional museum there will be held scientific and practical conference "Taimyr. Arctic. National cultural heritage of Russia. Regional aspect. Arctic ethnic groups. Development of cultural traditions through interaction». Representatives of Russian Ministry of Culture, Ministry of Culture of Krasnoyarsk krai, Taimyr department of Russian geographical society and Taimyr department of Petrovskaya Academy of science and arts will take part in the conference. The leader of the conference will be Nikolai Lovelius, the professor, the doctor of biology, Ph D in Geography, vice – president of Petrovskaya Academy of science and arts, the director of International centre of Arctic culture and civilization.

The main producer of the Arctic festival is Tsarkova Tatiana Yakovlevna, Hnoured Worker of Culture of the Russian Federation.

The founder and organizer of the festival is Administration of Taimyr Dolgano-Nenets metropolitan borough supported by Ministry of culture and tourism of the Russian Federation, Federal agency of tourism of the Russian Federation, Ministry of culture of Krasnoyarsk krai. The International Arctic festival «Attraction of Taimyr» is included into the list of events promoting tourist product of the Russian Federation in the world and home tourist market within the framework of implementing the Federal purpose-oriented programme «Development of the domestic and inbound tourism in the Russian Federation (2011 – 2018).

We’d like to remind that the First International Arctic festival «Attraction of Taimyr» was held in Dudinka from 7 to 14 December in 2011. It gathered representatives of more than 8 countries of the world, among which there were collective teams and delegates of the USA, Canada, Norway, Finland, Sweden, Iceland, Greenland and Russia. The participants of the festival noticed: «The unique project - the First International Arctic festival «Attraction of Taimyr», has become the symbol of friendship and cultural unity of different countries in the world». More than 9.5 thousand people took part in 50 events of the festival.

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